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11Sep 2014

Richard discusses the future of Rammstein and the live DVD

Richard gave a video interview to Metal Hammer about the future of Rammstein. While confirming that the band is alive, he says that after a meeting held a few months ago, Rammstein decided to extend its break until next year, seeing no need to work on an album now.

More interestingly, Richard confirms the release of several live DVD (he even mentions 3), without giving details. Two tours were filmed since Völkerball: the LIFAD tour (Montreal and New York 2010) and the Made In Germany tour (Paris 2012).

We have a live DVD coming out, we have another live DVD coming out, we have another live DVD coming out. We have so many live DVD right now, that we have to work that through.

» Watch the interview in video
10Sep 2014

Rammstein World is 10 years old! (and has a new design)

Although the English version of Rammstein World is relatively new, the website is now 10 years old! It was created on August 2, 2004, thanks to some passionate fans. Wether you follow us for 10 years or for 10 days, we want to THANK YOU. Our success is yours.

We always want to offer you the best possible experience, so this anniversary comes with a new design. The fifth since the creation of the website!

Feel free to join us on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. See you in 10 years!
22Jul 2014

Officiel Wacken 3D: release and previews

As you know, "Wacken 3D - Louder Than Hell" will be released tomorrow (July 24, 2014) in theaters in Germany.

Since our last news, the movie poster was unveiled and 300 preview screenings have been announced for tomorrow, July 23, throughout Germany. The list is available on this PDF or on the movie's official website, which also features a map of the concerned theaters.

A trailer of 3:30 is available on this page. It places great emphasis on Rammstein and in particular Du hast. It looks pretty good!
17Apr 2014

Till has written a text for Roland Kaiser

Till Lindemann wrote a text for the German singer Roland Kaiser. The song, Ich weiß alles, will appear on Kaiser's new album Seelenbahnen, to be released on May 30, 2014.

Me and Till - we like each other very much and I asked him if he wouldn't mind to write something for me. As you see, it happened! He gave me a great text, but the melody was hard to find.

8 new songs from the album, including Ich weiß alles, will premiere on May 3rd during Kaiser's "Berlin-Konzert" in the famous O2 World in Berlin.
14Apr 2014

Rammstein is 20 years old!

On 14 April 1994, exactly 20 years ago, Rammstein played his first "real" concert in a small club of Leipzig, called naTo. They opened for Golden Acker Rhythm Kings, a German band now dissolved, which starred Flake's brother.

Obviously, Rammstein was not created that day, but somewhere between late 1993 and early 1994. But with no official date, Rammstein's first concert is the perfect date to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band!

Congratulations to Rammstein and Happy Birthday!

This is also a great opportunity to watch (again) the "Achtung! Wir kommen…" documentary, which features the recording of the first demos of Rammstein, and their first concert at naTo.
10Apr 2014

Wacken 3D will premiere on July 24, 2014

During his participation at the Wacken Open Air festival in 2013, Rammstein had been filmed for the documentary "Wacken 3D - Louder Than Hell" (see our previous news).

The film is now produced and will premiere in Germany on July 24, 2014. It will include performances and interviews of Rammstein and other artists.

It is not expected that the film will be released outside Germany. Other countries will probably have to wait for a possible release on Blu-Ray.
08Apr 2014

A ballet with Rammstein's music

On April 5, 2014, the ballet entitled "Hard Beat - The ballet skirt" premiered in the "Grosses Haus" theater of Schwerin, Germany. For the first time, a ballet places the music of Rammstein at its center, with the use of songs like Mein Herz brennt, Engel or Ohne dich. Other artists used are AC/DC or Metallica.

The success seems to be huge, since most of the performances scheduled until June are sold-out.

» Official page of "Hard Beat - The ballet skirt"
» Video on Youtube
06Apr 2014

Record Store Day 2014: Pussy / Mein Teil vinyl

Record Store Day is an annual event organized by independently owned record stores. The 2014 edition will be held on April 19th and Spinfarm UK, which distributes Rammstein in the UK, will create a new Rammstein vinyl: "Pussy / Mein Teil".

This 12-inch vinyl will be white, with a white and gold artwork. It will feature the remix of Pussy by Scooter and the remix of Mein Teil by Pet Shop Boys.

Unfortunately, very few copies will be released, and only in the UK. As a reminder, Spinefarm UK also released a "Waidmanns Heil / LIFAD" vinyl, for Record Store Day 2011.
01Apr 2014

[April Fools' Day] Jared Leto to colaborate with Rammstein

Some hours ago, Jared Leto, the singer of 30 Seconds to Mars, tweeted that he will colaborate with Rammstein on a new song, which will be recorded this summer in Los Angeles. The tweet has later been removed, probably because Leto was asked by Rammstein to remove it.

Jared and Till met in Berlin in February, when Till attended the 30 Seconds to Mars concert at O2 World Arena. This was the beginning of the collaboration.

We don't know yet if the song will be in German or English, or be sung in duet or not.

April 2, 2014 update:

This news was of course for April Fools' Day!
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