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21Jun 2017

Officiel Ollie's signing session in Nîmes: July 12 from 2pm to 7pm

We already knew that Oliver Riedel, Rammstein's bassist, will sign autographs in Nîmes on July 12th, in Broc Music store (23 Bis Boulevard Sergent Triaire, 30000 Nîmes, France).

Well, the store just announced the official hours of the signing session: it will start à 2pm and end at 7pm. An official Facebook event was created:

Good luck to everybody!
13Jun 2017

Filming with Till and Zoran Bihać in Estonia

On June 12, the day after the Rammstein concert in Tallinn, Estonia, Till Lindemann was seen in Rummu karjäär for a video and photo shoot.

Rummu karjäär is a former limestone quarry, later transformed into a prison, that is now disused. A team from the Estonian production company CineUnit, and Zoran Bihać (who filmed several clips of Rammstein and Lindemann in the past), accompanied Till, dressed in a red suit.

It's difficult to know for the moment if the film will be related to Lindemann, (Till's solo project), or Rammstein.

» Click to see photos of the filming
21May 2017

First concert of 2017

The first Rammstein concert of 2017 ended a few minutes ago in Iceland. The stage and setlist are identical to last year. Only a few costumes have been slightly modified, as well as one pyrotechnic effect.

Many of us were waiting for changes, but the fact that no public rehearsals were organized, showed that Rammstein planned this tour as a continuation of the 2016 tour. Maybe to better focus on writing the next album?

» Check the setlist in our Traval Journal
16May 2017

Is Sky van Hoff the new producer of Rammstein?

The German producer Sky van Hoff posted this message on his official blog, saying he is currently working with Rammstein:

This actually happened, it's an absolute blast for me as a musician, music producer, human being to work with a band I've been listening to since I was about 13 years old. A great week in Berlin with even better people! More to come!

Today, it's impossible to tell if Sky van Hoff will be Rammstein's producer for the new album, instead of Jacob Hellner, Rammstein's traditional producer. It's possible that Rammstein is only trying new things, as they indicated in a interview last month:

We even try unusual methods, new ideas, and change the path that one usually has. We might consider another producer.

Stay tuned!
09May 2017

Officiel Signing session in Paris on May 23rd

We are pleased to officially annonce that Rammstein will sign autographs at the Gibert Joseph store, in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, on May 23rd at 5pm (local time). The signing session will end around 7:30 pm. There should be a lot of people, so please come soon if you want to be sure to meet the band.

The address of the store is 34, boulevard Saint Michel, 75006 Paris. Good luck!
03May 2017

TeamRock.com interviewed Richard and Paul about the new album

TeamRock.com interviewed Richard and Paul on the occasion of the release of Rammstein: Paris. Both guitarists claimed that Rammstein is working on his seventh studio album, 4 days a week (Monday-Thursday). Here are selected excerpts of the interview:

It's a good spirit. It almost feels like the first record Herzeleid: we all get together and everyone contributes their ideas to the songs

At the moment we have 30 ideas, some with lyrics, and some not. We're working on the vocals

We even try unusual methods, new ideas, and change the path that one usually has. We might consider another producer.

We're working as fast as we can. But Rammstein really wants to be about quality more than quantity, and we really want to make sure it's going to be good. But we're not taking another year off.

Richard said that a third album of Emigrate is still in the pipes. A duet with Till is even planned, entitled "Let's Go".
28Apr 2017

Officiel Till's new book: "Yukon: Mein gehasster Freund"

Till Lindemann will release a new book entitled "Yukon: Mein gehasster Freund" ("Yukon: My hated friend"), co-written with Joey Kelly, member of the Kelly Family and adept of extreme sports.

This illustrated book relates Till and Joey's trip through Yukon, thanks to photographed landscapes, breathtaking portraits, and sweeping texts by Till Lindemann.

The release is scheduled for October 10, 2017.
07Apr 2017

Oliver Riedel will sign autographs in Nîmes on July 12th

Rammstein's bassist Oliver Riedel will sign autographs in "Broc Music" store in Nîmes on July 12, 2017! We do not yet know the exact time, but a Rammstein concert is scheduled in the evening in Nîmes, so the signing session will probably take place in the morning or early afternoon.

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01Apr 2017

[April fool] Rammstein: Paris Eiffel Toy Edition

Rammstein wanted to keep an exclusive edition of "Rammstein: Paris" for the French market. Please welcome the "Eiffel Toy Edition".

In line with the LIFAD Deluxe Box, this 2.69-kilo aliminium case is laser engraved with the artwork of "Rammstein: Paris". In addition to the "Metal Fan Edition" digipack of "Rammstein: Paris" (Blu-Ray + 2 CDs), the case will contain for your pleasure three sextoys created exclusively for Rammstein. They will be Eiffel Tower-shaped and in colors of the French flag.

"Rammstein: Paris, Eiffel Toy Edition" will be available on May 19, 2017, for 149 euros. Pre-orders available soon!

Click to see the full sized artwork:
Rammstein: Paris Eiffel Toy Edition

April 2nd update: This news was of course an April fool!
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