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20Nov 2015

Officiel XXI - Klavier

Rammstein will release on December 18, 2015 a book entitled "XXI - Klavier", which will go along with the vinyl box "XXI" already announced and scheduled for December 4th.

"XXI - Klavier" is a hardcover book with open thread stitching and hot foil stamping featuring the "Rammstein XXI" design. It will contain music sheets and lyrics of 13 Rammstein songs, arranged for piano. A CD will also feature the recordings of all 13 songs : Frühling in Paris, Feuer und Wasser, Nebel, Sonne, Klavier, Wilder Wein, Ohne dich, Ein Lied, Roter Sand, Engel, Seemann, Donaukinder and Mein Herz brennt.

"XXI - Klavier" will be available from December 4th on the RammsteinShop, and from December 18th everywhere else. The price is 34,95 euros.
01Nov 2015

Officiel Rammstein in Amerika #1 in 13 countries!

The new live DVD and Blu-ray Rammstein in Amerika has topped the DVD charts in the following 13 countries, for its first selling month : USA, Germany, UK, Mexico, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Spain. It's already platinum in Germany (200,000 copies).

Rammstein in Amerika is also #2 in Australia, Italy and Netherlands.
21Oct 2015

Officiel First festivals confirmed for 2016, more to follow!

As we already announced you, Rammstein will be back for a festivals tour in 2016! The first shows were officially confirmed today, but there are more to follow!
09Oct 2015

XXI - Rammstein's full discography in vinyl

Rammstein will release on December 4, 2015 "XXI - The Vinyl Box Set", a strictly limited edition of Rammstein's complete discography, in vinyl. Each box will be individually numbered - the number will be lasered on the back inlay.

The 6 studio albums are included in double-vinyl (4 albums were never released in vinyl before). Also, another double-vinyl will included with rarities, and one unreleased song: the "Full Band" studio version of Los (which is played live on Völkerball).

All albums have been remastered for the first time and exclusively for "XXI", which by the way will be released only in this edition. Here is the list of rarities included in addition to the 6 albums:
  1. Feuerräder
  2. Wilder Wein
  3. Das Modell
  4. Kokain
  5. Stripped
  6. Halleluja
  7. Mein Herz brennt (Piano Version)
  8. Los (Full Band Version)
  9. Führe mich
  10. Donaukinder
  11. Halt
  12. Roter Sand (Orchester Version)
  13. Liese
  14. Mein Land
  15. Vergiss uns nicht
  16. Gib mir deine Augen
"XXI - The Vinyl Box Set" can be pre-ordered on EMP.de and soon on the official RammsteinShop.

XXI - The Vinyl Box Set
07Oct 2015

Officiel Rammstein is back!

This is the kind of news we love! Rammstein is back in studio, and will soon be back live!

The band is currently composing and works on his seventh album (see photo below). As always with Rammstein, the writing and recording process will take about 2 years. So the new album is not expected before 2017.

And as good news never comes alone, a European tour is planned for summer 2016! We should post all information on the tour soon. Just keep an eye on the website, our Facebook and our Twitter.

Rammstein en studio en Septembre 2015
21Sep 2015

Officiel Signing session in Berlin for Rammstein In Amerika

To celebrate the release of the new DVD/Blu-ray Rammstein In Amerika, Rammstein invite you to a signing session on September 24th at 5:30 pm in Kino International in Berlin! The DVD/Blu-ray will be on sale at the event (one day before the official release).

The session, in free access, will be followed by an 8 pm showing of "Rammstein In Amerika" (2h30 version of documentary and concert-film) on the big screen, also at Kino International. Cinema tickets are available here or at the box-office.
10Sep 2015

Officiel Rammstein in Amerika in German cinemas

On September 24, 2015, at 8pm (German time), the documentary "Rammstein in Amerika" and the live from Madison Square Garden, both included in the DVD/Blu-ray Rammstein in Amerika, will premiere in 34 "CINEMAXX" and "CineStar" cinemas, all across Germany. Film sessions will be followed by the sell of the DVDs and Blu-rays, which will then be officially released.

You can find the list of cinemas on Rammstein.de.

Rammstein in Amerika is still available for pre-order in DVD or Blu-ray from our partner Amazon.
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