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25Sep 2016

Rammstein registers two domain names about Rammstein: Paris

Rammstein registered two Internet domain names, on September 22 : rammstein-paris.com et rammstein.paris. Currently these two addresses are not used and redirect to the official website Rammstein.de.

These domain names are interesting because they mean that Rammstein will communicate soon about the "Rammstein: Paris" film and about the associated DVD/Blu-ray.

The film "Rammstein: Paris" is a 98-minute summary of Rammstein concerts in Paris in 2012, and will be released in German cinemas on November 24. The DVD/Blu-ray should feature the entire concert, but we don't have any release date yet.
12Sep 2016

Festival tour 2016: this is the end!

Last night, the concert in Buenos Aires marked the end of the 2016 Festivals tour of Rammstein. Rammstein performed 25 times, in Europe, North America and South America.

The setlist of 17 songs, stabilised after a few dates, when Amerika definitely replaced the acoustic version of Ohne dich. The highlights were of course Ramm 4 (an unpublished song recently composed by the band), Reise, Reise and Hallelujah, as well as Zerstören, which premiered on this tour.

Rammstein should now focus on writing their 7th album!

To relive the concerts, you can visit our ​​travelogue or our gallery, which contains more than 1300 pictures of the tour!
27Aug 2016

Flake talks about the new album

During an interview with Kaaos TV conducted on July 2, Flake was asked about "Ramm 4", the new song introduced by Rammstein on their current festivals tour. He explained: We wanted to show the world that we are still together and that we are playing and making new music.

Christian Lorenz was also asked about the progress of the songwriting sessions for Rammstein's next album.

We have started to compile ideas for songs and develop them as a band. It is difficult to say how far along we are, because a lot of the time everything seems to be going well, and then there are days when we just want to start the whole process all over again. That is why there is no objective view about how far we are.

Thanks to Blabbermouth.net for reporting this information.
12Aug 2016

Rammstein Paris in German cinemas on November 24th

Last May we wrote that "Rammstein Paris", a film directed by Jonas Åkerlund, was projected at Festival de Cannes (read the news). At the time, we thought it was a documentary, but it is actually a 1h38min summary of the yet to be released DVD/Blu-ray of Paris 2012.

Today, we learned that this 1h38min version of "Rammstein Paris" will be projected in many German theaters on November 14th. It should be projected in other countries as well but we don't have details yet.

The release of the DVD/blu-ray should coincide with the film's release in theaters, as was the case for Rammstein in Amerika last year.

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