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23Mar 2017

Rammstein: Paris DVD/Blu-ray

We have some news about the DVD/Blu-ray release of "Rammstein: Paris"! It is currently scheduled for May 19, 2017. The full concert of Paris (21 songs) will be featured, accompanied by a making-of. Here is a list of the planned editions:
  • Rammstein: Paris - Standard Edition - 1 DVD
  • Rammstein: Paris - Special Edition - 2 CD + 1 DVD
  • Rammstein: Paris - Special Edition - 2 CD + 1 Blu-ray
  • Rammstein: Paris - Limited "Metal" Fan Edition - 2 CD + 1 Blu-ray
  • Rammstein: Paris - Double CD
  • Rammstein: Paris - Deluxe Box Edition - 4 vinyl LP + 2 CD + 1 Blu-ray
"Rammstein: Paris" will screen in over 1000 cinemas worldwide, starting today!
09Mar 2017

First apparition of the Rammstein: Paris DVD

The "Rammstein: Paris" DVD has been added to the database of FSK, which allocates the minimum viewing ages in Germany. We learn that the concert of Paris 2012 will be present in its entirety (128 minutes against 97 for the cinema version), accompanied by a making-of 13 minutes.

We do not yet know the release date of the DVD and Blu-ray. It may quickly follows the cinema screenings (end of March), or we cloud have to wait a few more months.

If you did not yet book your cinemas tickets, you can buy them on Rammstein-paris.co.uk.
21Jan 2017

Officiel Official - "Rammstein: Paris" in cinemas on March 23rd

Rammstein: Paris, a concert-film by Jonas Åkerlund, will screen in selected cinemas across the world on 23rd March 2017! Screenings will be added in Germany, Austria, Switzerland on March 24 and 29.

You can find tickets near your location starting today at www.rammstein-paris.com. Further cities and cinemas will be continuously added.

During the "Made in Germany" tour, Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund filmed two Rammstein concerts in March 2012 at the Bercy Arena in Paris. In the resulting 98-minute film (a version with 16 songs out of 21), Jonas Åkerlund takes a radically new approach to capturing the emotion and thrill of Rammstein's live performance.

We shot two nights in Paris, and we had 30 cameras, so that gives you 60 angles, plus we shot a dress rehearsal for close-ups. That gives you a massive amount of footage. This is a whole Rammstein-show, and I take the footage and cut it with the same precision that I would a 3-4 minute music video. Even with a big crew of editors, it took us over a year to nail down the edit. Looking at it now - that is the strength of this project. It really brings the show alive and shows what Rammstein is all about. I am very happy with Rammstein: Paris. What this film shows wasn't just relevant four years ago - it will always be relevant. Rammstein is a timeless work of art. And even if it might sound a bit pretentious, I'd like to say that I don't think that this level of precision will ever again be attained in a concert film. The film is unique.

Later this year, the complete version of the concert (21 chansons) should be released on Blu-ray and DVD. A must-have for all fans.

15Jan 2017

Rammstein: Paris in cinemas on March 23 ?

The film "Rammstein: Paris" was scheduled in a large number of German cinemas on November 24, 2016, before disappearing from the programming.

According to the "Rio Theater" of Vancouver and the Australian "Village Cinemas" network, the film will be broadcasted on March 23, 2017. In addition, four trailers were added in December to the database of FSK, which allocates the minimum viewing ages of German films.

"Rammstein: Paris" is a 1h38min cinema version of the concerts that were filmed on 6th and 7th March 2012 in Bercy. A DVD and Blu-ray, featuring the complete setlist, should be released shortly after the movie.
07Dec 2016

Officiel Rammstein in Québec in 2017

We are pleased to announce to our Quebec friends that Rammstein will headline the Amnesia Rockfest in 2017! The festival will be held in Montebello, in the Outaouais region, from June 22 to 25, 2017. It is not known yet which evening Rammstein will be playing, but the tickets are already on sale on the festival website.

A concert has also been announced for Finland at the Vantaa Rockfest (June 9, 2017), as well as a concert in Spain in Viveiro at the Resurrection Fest (5-8 July 2017).
02Dec 2016

Big rumors for a second show in Nîmes, France

Once again we were told by our sources a great information: while the first date of Rammstein in Nîmes, France is sold out, there are good chances that a second show is being negociated for the following day, July 12, 2017! Whatever happens, we will keep you posted at the beginning of next week.

Will "Les Arènes" tremble for two nights in a row? If you don't want to miss any information, follow us on our Facebook page or on Twitter !
22Nov 2016

Rammstein live 2017 !

A promise is a promise!

Rammstein officially announced the first shows for summer 2017! Among other concerts, Rammstein will return to the mythic venue called "Arènes de Nîmes", where Völkerball was shot in 2005! Here are all the dates, to be completed in a few weeks:
  • ISL / KÓPAVOGUR / "Korinn" / 20.05.17 / Pre-sale start 01.12.16
  • DNK / HORSENS / "State Prison" /25.05.17 / Pre-sale start 28.11.16
  • CZE / PRAGUE / "Eden Arena" / 28.05.17 / Pre-sale start 25.11.16
  • DEU / MENDIG / "Rock am Ring" / 02-04.06.17 / on sale now
  • DEU / NUREMBERG / "Rock im Park" / 02-04.06.17 / on sale now
  • EST / TALLINN / "Tallinn Rockfest" / 11.06.17 / Pre-sale start 05.12.16
  • BEL / DESSEL / "Graspop Metal Meeting" / 16.06.17 / Pre-sale start 24.11.16
  • FRA / NIMES / "Festival De Nîmes" / 11.07.17 / Pre-sale start 30.11.16
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