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07Dec 2016

Officiel Rammstein in Québec in 2017

We are pleased to announce to our Quebec friends that Rammstein will headline the Amnesia Rockfest in 2017! The festival will be held in Montebello, in the Outaouais region, from June 22 to 25, 2017. It is not known yet which evening Rammstein will be playing, but the tickets are already on sale on the festival website.

A concert has also been announced for Finland at the Vantaa Rockfest (June 9, 2017), as well as a concert in Spain in Viveiro at the Resurrection Fest (5-8 July 2017).
02Dec 2016

Big rumors for a second show in Nîmes, France

Once again we were told by our sources a great information: while the first date of Rammstein in Nîmes, France is sold out, there are good chances that a second show is being negociated for the following day, July 12, 2017! Whatever happens, we will keep you posted at the beginning of next week.

Will "Les Arènes" tremble for two nights in a row? If you don't want to miss any information, follow us on our Facebook page or on Twitter !
22Nov 2016

Rammstein live 2017 !

A promise is a promise!

Rammstein officially announced the first shows for summer 2017! Among other concerts, Rammstein will return to the mythic venue called "Arènes de Nîmes", where Völkerball was shot in 2005! Here are all the dates, to be completed in a few weeks:
  • ISL / KÓPAVOGUR / "Korinn" / 20.05.17 / Pre-sale start 01.12.16
  • DNK / HORSENS / "State Prison" /25.05.17 / Pre-sale start 28.11.16
  • CZE / PRAGUE / "Eden Arena" / 28.05.17 / Pre-sale start 25.11.16
  • DEU / MENDIG / "Rock am Ring" / 02-04.06.17 / on sale now
  • DEU / NUREMBERG / "Rock im Park" / 02-04.06.17 / on sale now
  • EST / TALLINN / "Tallinn Rockfest" / 11.06.17 / Pre-sale start 05.12.16
  • BEL / DESSEL / "Graspop Metal Meeting" / 16.06.17 / Pre-sale start 24.11.16
  • FRA / NIMES / "Festival De Nîmes" / 11.07.17 / Pre-sale start 30.11.16
20Nov 2016

Till says the new album could be released in fall 2017

Till Lindemann gave an interview to the Russian magazine AIF. Here is what he told the journalist:

We are currently working in the studio to record a new album. I think that if everything goes smoothly, we will be able to present the new album in fall 2017. And if there is some delay, in spring 2018. At that time, we will go on tour and come back here, in Russia.

As we announced last Wednesday, Rammstein will be touring the festivals in the summer of 2017. After Ramm 4, will the band play other unpublished songs?
16Nov 2016

Festivals tour 2017: announcement soon!

Some of our reliable sources allow us to announce that Rammstein will be back live in 2017, with a summer festivals tour! We know that one (and only one) French town will be visited by Rammstein during this festival tour. What we can tell is that it will be in a very prestigious place!

The official announcement will be made soon on the official website Rammstein.de. We will then relay all the information here. Stay tuned!
25Sep 2016

Rammstein registers two domain names about Rammstein: Paris

Rammstein registered two Internet domain names, on September 22 : rammstein-paris.com et rammstein.paris. Currently these two addresses are not used and redirect to the official website Rammstein.de.

These domain names are interesting because they mean that Rammstein will communicate soon about the "Rammstein: Paris" film and about the associated DVD/Blu-ray.

The film "Rammstein: Paris" is a 98-minute summary of Rammstein concerts in Paris in 2012, and will be released in German cinemas on November 24. The DVD/Blu-ray should feature the entire concert, but we don't have any release date yet.
12Sep 2016

Festival tour 2016: this is the end!

Last night, the concert in Buenos Aires marked the end of the 2016 Festivals tour of Rammstein. Rammstein performed 25 times, in Europe, North America and South America.

The setlist of 17 songs, stabilised after a few dates, when Amerika definitely replaced the acoustic version of Ohne dich. The highlights were of course Ramm 4 (an unpublished song recently composed by the band), Reise, Reise and Hallelujah, as well as Zerstören, which premiered on this tour.

Rammstein should now focus on writing their 7th album!

To relive the concerts, you can visit our ​​travelogue or our gallery, which contains more than 1300 pictures of the tour!
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