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21Sep 2015

Officiel Signing session in Berlin for Rammstein In Amerika

To celebrate the release of the new DVD/Blu-ray Rammstein In Amerika, Rammstein invite you to a signing session on September 24th at 5:30 pm in Kino International in Berlin! The DVD/Blu-ray will be on sale at the event (one day before the official release).

The session, in free access, will be followed by an 8 pm showing of "Rammstein In Amerika" (2h30 version of documentary and concert-film) on the big screen, also at Kino International. Cinema tickets are available here or at the box-office.
10Sep 2015

Officiel Rammstein in Amerika in German cinemas

On September 24, 2015, at 8pm (German time), the documentary "Rammstein in Amerika" and the live from Madison Square Garden, both included in the DVD/Blu-ray Rammstein in Amerika, will premiere in 34 "CINEMAXX" and "CineStar" cinemas, all across Germany. Film sessions will be followed by the sell of the DVDs and Blu-rays, which will then be officially released.

You can find the list of cinemas on Rammstein.de.

Rammstein in Amerika is still available for pre-order in DVD or Blu-ray from our partner Amazon.
21Aug 2015

Officiel Rammstein in Amerika : international pre-orders

Rammstein in Amerika is now available for pre-order on Amazon, for many countries. You can pre-order it via the links below:

Country Edition Link to buy
Germany Double Blu-ray Buy on Amazon.de
Double DVD Buy on Amazon.de
USA Double Blu-ray Buy on Amazon.com
Double DVD Buy on Amazon.com
Canada Double Blu-ray Buy on Amazon.ca
Double DVD Buy on Amazon.ca
United Kingdom Double Blu-ray Buy on Amazon.co.uk
Double DVD Buy on Amazon.co.uk
Spain Double Blu-ray Buy on Amazon.es
Double DVD Buy on Amazon.es
France Double Blu-ray Buy on Amazon.fr
Double DVD Buy on Amazon.fr

Rammstein in Amerika will be released on September 25, 2015 worldwide. The content is as follow:
  • Concert film "Live from Madison Square Garden" ; 12/11/2010 (101 min.)
  • Documentary “Rammstein in Amerika” (122 min.)
  • Making-of the album Liebe ist für alle da" (21 min.)
15Aug 2015

Officiel Rammstein in Amerika to be released on September 25

Rammstein just announced the release date of its new DVD/Blu-ray Rammstein in Amerika. It will be out on September 25, worldwide.

The content is as follow:
  • Concert film "Live from Madison Square Garden" ; 12/11/2010 (101 min.)
  • Documentary “Rammstein in Amerika” (122 min.)
  • Making-of the album Liebe ist für alle da" (21 min.)
Rammstein also uploaded a second trailer: Rammlied live from Madison Square Garden.

09Aug 2015

Officiel Rammstein in Amerika: cover and content

In September (exact date is yet to be defined), Rammstein will release "Rammstein in Amerika", a double DVD/Blu-ray about the LIFAD tour and its its career in North America.

Disc 1 : Live from Madison Square Garden, New York City, Dec. 11, 2010 ; 18 songs:
Rammlied, B********, Waidmanns Heil, Keine Lust, Weißes Fleisch, Feuer frei!, Wiener Blut, Frühling in Paris, Ich tu dir weh, Du riechst so gut, Benzin, Links 2-3-4, Du hast, Pussy, Sonne, Haifisch, Ich will, Engel

Disc 2 : Documentary "Rammstein in Amerika" and making of Liebe ist für alle da

Rammstein in Amerika
31Jul 2015

Officiel First trailer of "In Amerika"

Rammstein just published on its Youtube channel a trailer entitled "In Amerika". Although we do not yet know the exact nature of this new project, it should be a documentary about Rammstein's career in the United States, accompanied by live songs filmed there, and probably the concert shot in 2010 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

More news to follow about this exciting projet !

19May 2015

Officiel First single of Lindemann: Praise Abort

In 10 days, we will finally be able to listen to Lindemann. Praise Abort, the first single coming from Till's solo project, will be available on May 29th 2015. The tracklist is as follow:
  1. Praise Abort
  2. Praise Abort (Clemens Wijers Remix)
  3. Praise Abort (Ostblockschlampen Remix)
  4. Praise Abort (Hedberg & Larsson Remix)
  5. Fat (Jonas Kjellgren Remix)
  6. Fat (Oliver Huntemann Electronica Mix)
Praise Abort can be purchased on the RammsteinShop or on Amazon.de. The album, Skills In Pills is scheduled for June 19th and will be available in 3 editions: Standard, Special and Super Deluxe.
15May 2015

Preproduction of new Rammstein album begins in September, says Till

We already knew that Rammstein would meet again in September 2015, to discuss the future of the band. Today, we have new information. In an audio interview from MusikUniverse.mu, Till said that Rammstein will start to work on a new album:

We'll start the prepoduction in September, in the fall. Normally, Rammstein production takes at least 2 years, so... But we start in September, definitly.

This is great news, but as always with Rammstein, everything could change. Anyway if it's true, there will not be a new record before 2017.
19Mar 2015

Officiel Lindemann - Skills In Pills

Lindemann's first album will be titled "Skills in Pills". The tracklist and cover have been revealed, and they are a bit unusual, to say the least. Judge for yourself... (you can click on the cover to see a bigger version) :
Skills in pills
  1. Skills in Pills
  2. Ladyboy
  3. Fat
  4. Fish On
  5. Children Of The Sun
  6. Home Sweet Home
  7. Cowboy
  8. Golden Shower
  9. Yukon
  10. Praise Abort(ion)
The record should be released in May by Warner Music. Peter Tägtgren, founder of Hypocrisy (death metal) and PAIN (industrial metal), worked with Till on it. You can follow our Facebook page about the project, LindemannWorld.
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