DVD Völkerball

Artwork and tracklist

Live DVD:

  • France : Les arènes de Nîmes
       07/23/2005 ; 19 songs
  • England: Brixton Academy, London
       from 02/03/2005 to 02/05/2005 ; 4 songs
  • Japan : Club Citta, Kawasaki
       06/03/2005 ; 3 songs + 1 trailer
  • Russia : Sport Complex Olympiski, Moscow
       11/28/2004 ; 1 song

Audio CD – Les Arènes de Nimes

  1. Intro2:04
  2. Reise, Reise5:31
  3. Links 2-3-44:51
  4. Keine Lust3:52
  5. Feuer frei!3:32
  6. Asche zu Asche4:06
  7. Morgenstern4:53
  8. Mein Teil6:26
  9. Los6:25
  10. Du riechst so gut5:48
  11. Benzin4:05
  12. Du hast4:21
  13. Sehnsucht4:23
  14. Amerika6:20
  15. Sonne4:51
  16. Ich will4:22

Technical details

Available editions

Detailed content

Live DVD (All editions)

Live CD: 16 songs from Les arènes de Nîmes (standard & special edition)

  1. Intro
  2. Reise, Reise
  3. Links 2-3-4
  4. Keine Lust
  5. Feuer frei!
  6. Asche zu Asche
  7. Morgenstern
  8. Mein Teil
  9. Los
  10. Du riechst so gut
  11. Benzin
  12. Du hast
  13. Sehnsucht
  14. Amerika
  15. Sonne
  16. Ich will

DVD with documentaries (special & limited editions)

  1. "Anakonda Im Netz" documentary (60 min)
  2. Making of Reise, Reise (25 min)

Double live CD: Complete concert from Les arènes de Nîmes (limited edition)

  1. Intro
  2. Reise, Reise
  3. Links 2-3-4
  4. Keine Lust
  5. Feuer frei!
  6. Asche zu Asche
  7. Morgenstern
  8. Mein Teil
  9. Stein um Stein
  10. Los
  11. Du riechst so gut
  12. Benzin
  13. Du hast
  14. Sehnsucht
  15. Amerika
  16. Rammstein
  17. Sonne
  18. Ich will
  19. Ohne dich
  20. Stripped
  21. Outro

Photo book: (limited edition)

A 190 pages book with photographs of Rammstein and its universe. Frederic Batier was completely free to shoot what he wanted during the Reise, Reise tour : the final result consists of various live scenes, including photos of the fans and the band on stage. All of this in order to show the big family of Rammstein.

Release dates

The release dates below are for all available editions of Völkerball

South Africa20.11.2006Italy17.11.2006
Australia25.11.2006New Zealand18.12.2006
Denmark20.11.2006Czech Republic20.11.2006
Hong Kong20.11.2006Ukraine20.11.2006

Credits and copyright

Produced by Emanuel Fialik

Directors: Hamish Hamilton, Emanuel Fialik, Paul Landers, Mathide Bonnefoy, Ryuzo Hirata, John toft

Video production: Natalie Johns & Ian Stewart / Another Done & Dusted Production, Pilgrim management GMBH, Fuji International Production

Audio production: Jacob Hellner
Audio "Übermensch" authority: Stefan Glaumann
Mixed by Ulf Kruckenberg
Mastered by Thomas Eberger

Production Coordinator: Arne Weingart

Photographer: Frédéric Batier

Sleeve design: Dirk Rudolph

Menue design: Plantage* Berlin

Menue animation: NHB Studios Berlin

DVD-authoring: Jürgen Klimmeck & Michael Steinl, Syrinx music & media

Legal consultants: Peer Boris Schade / Lichte Rechtsanwälte, Dr Frank Barner / Barner & Schrden

All Music and lyrics by Rammstein: Christoph "Doom" Schneider, Doktor Christian Lorenz, Richard Z. Kruspe, Oliver Riedel, Paul Landers, Till Lindemann

Except for: "Sehnsucht"
Lyrics by Rammstein
Music by Rammstein & Martin Rauer, Dietmar Schmidt, Sascha Moser

All Songs published by BMG Music Publishing (local companies) et Tamtam fialik Musikverlag

Except for: "Stripped"
Music & Lyrics by Martin Lee Gore
Published by Emi Music Publishing Ltd. assigned by Grabbing Hands Music Ltd.

www.rammstein.com www.rammstein.de

Thanks to: Nicolai Sabottka, Thilo Goos, Werner Herbst, Dirk Wilutzky, Frank Zilm